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   What's going on here?


We hear 20 to 100 times faster than we see. Therefore sound influences or, in painterly terms, colors every other perception and thought we have. Sound reaches us so fast, it modifies all other input that follows.

These paintings are influenced, primarily, by sound. More often than not, it’s the music I’m trying not to annoy my neighbors with blasting from my stereo. Sometimes, it’s simply the sounds from the streets.

When I start a painting, I have some idea where it’s going but no clue where and when it will end. 

I work quickly, with the canvas or panel usually on the floor.  Wet paint, spray paint, paint thinners and water are poured, brushed and sprayed into other wet paint. As all the mediums react with and against each other, the paintings take on a life of their own. At this point, I’m as much a conductor  as I am a painter letting it all unfold with occasional suggestions--some more forceful than others.

My favorite paintings are the ones that seem like they appeared one day, fully realized, and look like I had no hand in their creation.


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